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Zucchini Pasta for Fertility Support

Zucchini Pasta Recipe for Fertility Support

Fertility is sensual and playful… and if you are trying to boost your fertility, why not add some playfulness into your kitchen? Making zucchini noodles reminds me of playing with Play-Doh- That’s why I love spiralizing zucchini noodles for gluten-free pasta!

This recipe is completely raw-vegan, meaning the pasta sauce is made fresh in a high-speed blender and the zucchini noodles are eaten raw (although you could choose to lightly sauté them if preferred.)

More-so, zucchini is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are both fertility boosting vitamins.

Vitamin A helps build cervical fluid, which is needed during ovulation to help sperm live long enough to fertilize the egg. Naturally, there will be juicy cervical fluid during the 3-5 days building up to ovulation which occurs around day 14 of the menstrual cycle when the matured egg is released from the follicle for conception. The cervical fluid creates ideal conditions for sperm to swim up to the egg for fertilization.

Both Vitamin A and C boost cervical fluid production, creating an ideal environment for enhanced fertility.

Vitamin C not only helps boost cervical fluid, but it also helps boost progesterone levels. Progesterone is a hormone that sustains the uterine lining, so if conception and implantation occur, the uterine lining will be able to sustain the embryo as it develops to prevent miscarriage.

Fun Summer Fact: The carotenoids in zucchini and tomato, which are usually found in vegetable and fruit pigments of red, orange, and yellow, protect our skin from UV ray damage. This means you can protect your skin this summer from the inside out with an internal SPF.

For more information and recipes on fertility boosting foods, check out my Goddess in Rhythm eCourse, which shares how to live in harmony with the four hormonal seasons of the menstrual cycle to boost fertility, reduce PMS, and increase hormone balance. 



Blend all sauce ingredients in a high speed blender. It should create a thick sweet n’ tangy tomato mango pasta sauce.

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, so eating this raw pasta topped with the “Parmesan Cheeze” made from Brazil nuts and nutritional yeast, will provide healthy fats as well as protein from the nuts. To make this “cheeze” topping, I used a food processor to grind the Brazil nuts, nutritional yeast (which mimics a cheesy flavor), sea salt, and water into a powder to sprinkle over the pasta.

After making the “Pamesan Cheeze,” I put it all together by simply dishing the noodles onto a plate and topping it with sauce, then sprinkling “cheeze,” parsley and oregano flakes on top for garnish.

Sweet N' Tangy Zucchini Pasta

Serves: 3-5



5 zucchinis, (medium-large in size)

2 medium sized tomatoes

1 cup mango, chopped (about 1 mango)

8 sun-dried tomatoes

1 tablespoons lemon juice

2 medium-sized garlic cloves 

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 

¼ teaspoon sea salt

3-5 fresh sage leaves or 1 teaspoon dried sage


“Parmesan Cheeze”

1/2 cup Brazil nuts

2 Tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes

1/4 teaspoon + pinch sea salt

2 teaspoons water



  1. Spiralize zucchinis with a sprializer machine. Note: the brand I used is Paderno, and there are other brands like Noodle Ninja and Cuisinart. The Cuisinart spiralizer may be better for spiralizing harder vegetables such as beets and sweet potato.
  2. Blend all other ingredients in a Vitamix blender or high speed blender to make the sauce.
  3. Serve the sauce on top of the zucchini noodles. 
  4. Sprinkle “Parmesan Cheeze” on top.
  5. Garnish with oregano and parsley flakes.


To Make the “Parmesan Cheeze”

  1. Grind all ingredients in a food processor until there are no nut chunks left. “Cheeze” should be crumbly.
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