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Birth Control Pills… Sugar and Caffeine Addictions… Lack of Confidence in my creative abilities… These were my personal road blocks in achieving balanced health as a woman.

After quitting the pill, my period was absent and irregular for two years. When it finally came back in a more-so regular 28 day rhythm, I had very low progesterone which created very long menstrual cycles, often lasting two weeks. This went on for over a year. I would experience seven days of brown spotting and then seven days of red blood menstruation.

This experience led me on my journey towards balanced health in which I experienced many “miracles” along the way. I regulated my blood sugar and hormones through a whole foods diet and by reducing my stress levels. I changed the way I allowed myself to participate in the world, a.k.a. reducing “The Overwhelm,” which is the need to say yes to everyone and everything and take on too many activities all at once. I allowed myself to get more in touch with my feminine energy by listening to the signs Spirit was bringing me. I learned to trust to my intuition and follow it. I began to believe in myself and follow my creative pursuits. The brown spotting decreased, along with cramping and bloating. I now enjoy my menstruation each month, as I believe it is not a limiting curse, but rather a time to slow down and tap into my inner wisdom.

My addiction to sugar developed in my youth with the processed candy I often ate. Poor eating habits continued in high school, along with a dependency on Red Bull, and then espresso shots in college.  Eating a diet made up of processed foods, refined sugar, and caffeinated beverages often spiked my blood sugar, weakened my adrenals, and increased my stress response. This left me feeling physically exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed.

In June of 2012, I quit taking the birth control pill. I had been on the pill for a total of five years, and I started taking it in college. Several months prior to discontinuing it, I read the novel The Red Tent, and it activated an area of my body that I had not previously felt connected to- my womb. I felt the energy of my womb for the first time. I felt its ability to give life, to harness creative energy, and most importantly, its role as the sacred space of my femininity and womanhood. I felt as if the birth control pill had been numbing my connection to my womb. I had been allowing my hormones to be controlled synthetically by taking a pill, and therefore disrupting my body’s natural rhythm to harmonize with the rhythms of the moon cycle. I wanted to experience my sacred femininity and feel connected to the earth.

In addition, after five years of taking the pill, I noticed my libido was extremely low. The juicy-ness of life I once felt was also absent. I didn’t realize this dull change in my body had occurred over those five years until it was too late. Healing my body took time and experimenting. I had the option of taking synthetic progesterone to regulate my hormones, yet I believed there was another way. I did not want to become dependent on a drug. To me, this meant putting a band-aid over the symptom. I wanted to get to the root cause of my symptoms. I first started eating raw foods and eventually a whole foods diet, and then Moon Cycle Cooking, a way of eating based on Alisa Vitti’s Book “The Woman Code.” Moon Cycle Cooking involves eating certain foods during the different phases of the menstrual cycle to support hormone health: Follicular Phase, Ovulatory Phase, Luteal Phase, and Menstrual Phase.

The journey of healing my body has been rich with learning natural healing methods. It led me to study with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute to become a certified women’s health and nutrition coach, as well as become a certified Red Tent Facilitator to lead retreats and women’s circles to help women connect with their bodies and the sacred feminine within.

It is my great desire to share these tools of transformation with other women, so they may too find balance within their bodies and have energy to live lives full of passion and creativity. I believe that diet and lifestyle choices directly impact our physical bodies. As do our connection to earth, to spirit, to our community, and the thoughts and emotions we have as we experience life.

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