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Goddesses, Coaches, Light-Workers, Creatives, Intuitives & SiStars:

Are You Ready to Liberate Yourself from Old Patterns of Stagnation and Self-Doubt by Activating Your Shakti to Manifest your Dreams/Visions…

…as the Creatrix You Know You Are?


☽☾ It’s Time to Release the Blocks in Your Sacral Chakra

(Your Sacred Womb)

☽☾It’s Time to Support Your Hormones for Body-Temple Stability

(with high vibe, supportive nutrition)

☽☾It’s time for Full Inner Goddess Activation

(with Tantric & Ancient Egyptian Alchemy)

☽☾It’s Time to Flow in Life as the Queen of Your Queendom

☽It’s Time to Tune In, Turn On, and Manifest!☾


Do You Ever Feel?


+ Scattered, like you have the potential of creating your visions, yet there is so much to do that is overwhelming you and distracting from full manifestation of your goals?

Disconnected to your radiant feminine self: your sexuality, your sensuality, and from fully FEELING your orgasm, and feeling ALIVE in your feminine-temple?

Like you are always people pleasing, and making decisions based off of what others will think, rather than what you BOLDY KNOW to be true for you?

Out of harmony with your meals and food choices, or perhaps you have a bit of extra weight you can’t seem to lose… or your relationship with food gets a little emotional… a little wonky sometimes?

Moody, Low Energy, Sugar-Cravings, Period Pain, Moonpausal (Menopause) Shifts.. resulting from hormonal imbalances?

Too busy to RECEIVE to feel PLEASURE and FLOW with Life’s Unfoldment?

Do you feel like your Inner Self (your desires and true essence) matches the Outer World you live in (your job, your commitments, your body, etc.)?


Dearest… what if you felt your full Shakti energy pulsating through your body, harnessing energy and using it to manifest into your creations.

What if you felt so frickin good in your body…

with your digestion and meal choices,….with adoring yourself as a radiant goddess…

—with harmonizing with those around you…

and hearing the whispers from the Divine…

that the world around you RESPONDED to YOU (your vibrational state)

…and you could manifest those wishes into actually LIVING them.


You can, sister. We can intentionally create and raise this Shakti Energy for hormonal balance, for re-charging and connecting to your divine feminine empowerment….



I know these challenges.


Raised Catholic, things like sex were taboo. From society, I was taught to be “proper” and “good.”


This lack of permission to feel my desires led to guilt and shame, and secrecy… as well as secret behavioral outlets: emotional eating (and eating while hiding), repressing my sexual energy (or being too loose with it).


I lived life based on what I thought the outside world wanted from me, less off of my own intuitive desires and self-trust.



My overwhelmingly need to “do” in order to “be enough” caused me to be consumed by pressures of the current Patriarchal society where productivity overrides pleasure and self care.


As I focused more on the outer world, letting it dictate my self-worth, my finances and career, I gave my power over into things like the Birth Control Pill (I didn’t know how to connect with my cycle at that time to know when I was fertile or not)…

…as well as working myself to the bone, which eventually burnt out my hormones and cause two week long periods, exhaustion, and adrenal fatigue.

It wasn’t until I stopped listening to it all, and cut some major cords….

which included creating boundaries within work…

clearing karmic blocks in my sacral seeking others approval…

and relationships that weren’t in alignment…


 I married myself on the beach in Thailand, embracing my sexuality and inner goddess

….devoting to “know myself as my own best friend, lover, provider, counselor.”… 

…..that my life shifted, entirely.

It became much much different.

Juicer….. Magickal.

The Intuitive knowings from the Yoniverse became much more apparent to hear.

The sycronicities increased.

My two week long heavy menstrual cycle balanced into 3-5 easy days.

I attracted mentors and ancient studies to learn how to use my Sexuality as a way of Magnestism for my desires and manifestations.

I shifted my paradigm and saw myself as ENOUGH as a Creatrix.

My business took off as I started embodying the soul work I was meant to do-  as other women could truly feel it.

I was invited to speak at events, like my favorite: The Oregon Eclipse Festival with audiences of 150.

where I have been teaching my Juicy Feminine Principles .

I am telling you this because if you resonate with my story, you are here for a reason!

I believe you are ready to make these shifts too. And I fully believe you can!

It took me a lot of trial, effort, and TRUST, to learn how to take off the masks and flow as a sensual being.

Even coaches need coaches: when we allow in help, we are then able to receive and advance quicker in what we can offer others.

And Looking back, I would have invested in help to save me the time I spent trying to navigate these practices.

Plus, having a community to learn with in this group intensive, helps provide accountability.


And I am here to help YOU embody these tools to the fullest, so that you can harness your Shakti Kundalini and be that Creatrix to make the world a better place.


I fully believe in you, Goddess. And I bow in service to aid you on your path!


Stepping into Juicy Feminine Living is the heart of living.

Your SACRED SEXUALITY, your PLEASURE, your PASSION is the LIFEFORCE behind your projects, your manifestations and accessing your radiant inner goddess.


It brings: hormone balance even into your moonpausal years

Body-Peace and harmony with sacred meal-time

Creative Expression

It increases spontaneous pay raises (by knowing your self-worth and believing in YOU while around others)

It helps you weed out the things in which you want to say “NO’ to, which aren’t in full alignment of your sacred purpose

Your sexual energy is powerful… so powerful that it can help you magnetize experiences, situations, to help to manifest your dreams and visions.


But we first need to build the container from within to be able to hold the energy of these new experience.

This is the SOUL of this program intensive. We are going to focus on BUILDING your inner soils as a container to hold, awaken, and harness more shakti flow.

Can you imagine feeling so much pleasure and bliss… and knowing how to shift back into it when life tests you… so that it overflows into every aspect of your life?


Introducing Juicy Feminine Living:

A 12-Week Group Coaching Intensive

where hormone balance meets sensuality and manifestation.

STARTING FEB. 22nd, 2018 (Class is Full & in Session)

(Apply Here for the next round) we are only taking 10 women for this  program!)



This is For You if You Want To:

+ Learn the Taoist Jade Egg Practice (you will receive your own choice of Yoni Egg in the mail) to increase sexual energy for feminine vitality & creativity

+Clear Out Your Womb Space Blocks: with Tantric Breathwork practices for clearing out past-lover energy, blocks and traumas within the Sacral Chakra 

+ Fill your cabinets with aphrodisiacs to make potions, tonics, and elixirs that will nourish your adrenals, balance blood sugar, and increase cervical wellness + juiciness (womb herbs mailed to you!)

+Explore new recipes, meal plans, and foods that promote hormone balance, increase Life-force energy, and the libido throughout the cycles of womanhood

+Learn ancient Egyptian Alchemy + breathwork for maximizing your ability to harness your creative energy, create a container within to hold it, rise it at will, and direct it into what you intentionally want to manifest!

+ Connect with the power of your Orgasm, Sexuality, & Goddess Creatrix Energy


You will have your choice of Yoni Egg to work with. It is recommended to start with the Jade Egg in traditional Taoist teachings. 


Juicy Feminine Living Curriculum


Week 1:

“Build Your Vitality Foundation”

with SCIENCE of Hormones & Egyptian Practices

Feb 22nd, 2018

Week 2:

“Nutrition for the Inner Goddess”

Receive your Priestess Meal Plan + Womb Herbs

Mar 1st

Week 3:

“Activating Your Pleasure to Unlock the Codes of Your Creative Potential”

Receive Yoni Steam Herbs & Tap into Your Feminine Juiciness

Mar 8th

Week 4:

Check Ins- 1:1 Clarity Coaching 

Private Integration with Allie

Mar 15th

Week 5:

“Your Sacred No”

Cutting Cords, Creating Boundaries, Releasing Trauma, Making Space with Womb Activation

Mar 22nd

Week 6:

“Trauma Clearing  + Womb Clearing”

with Radical Self-Acceptance & Vibrational Sound Alchemy

Mar 29th

Week 7:

“Sacred Sexuality: Building Shakti”

Receive Your Yoni Egg, Learn the Methods + Simple Mayan Womb Massage 

Apr 5th

Week 8:

“Womb to Heart Connection”

Surrendering into Intimacy in Orgasm, Creation, & Flow + Divine Union

Apr 12th

Week 9:

“Your Heart’s Art+ Activating Your Soul’s Dharma”

with Sisterhood Virtual Red Tent

Apr 19th

Week 10:

“Igniting Your Shakti for Magick of Manifestation”

with Tantric Breathwork, Kundalini Rising + Sex Magic

Apr 26th

Week 11:

Check Ins- 1:1 Clarity Coaching 

Private Integration with Allie

May 3rd

Week 12:

Embodied Action: The Creatrix

Allowing Your Inner World to Match Your Outer World

May 10th

Juicy Goddess Guest Experts:

Anaiya Sophia

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Author, Womb to Heart Wisdom

Lourdes Starshower Pollock

Tantra Healer, Sacred Sexuality Coach

Myriam Llano

Chief Goddess and Nutritionist at Divine Renewal

Adi Shakti

Founder of Passion Yoga School

Shona Keeli Jones

Yoni Empress and Womb Whisperer at Womb Illumination

Lillie Claire Love

Feminine Leadership Coach

Hannah Marie Dakini

Tantrika, Self-Care Enthusiast, Yogini

Dakota Chanel

Mermaid of the Magdalen

Sarah Miller

Author, Forgiveness Coach

Macey Rose Dickerson

Divine Feminine Artist at Yoni-que Creations

Betsy Blankenbaker

Author of Autobiography of an Orgasm, Humanitarian

Allie McFee


You Receive:

☽☾ 12 weeks of Transformational Content + 8 Live Group Calls

☽☾ 2 Live 1:1 Coaching Calls with Allie

☽☾ Yoni Egg (mailed to you!)

(If you already have a Jade Egg, you will have       the choice to choose another type of crystal yoni egg to work with- a $69 value!)

☽☾ Love Box with Womb Herbs & Yoni Steam Bath Herbs (mailed to you!)

☽☾ Meal Plan + Recipes

☽☾ Content from 11 Juicy Goddess Experts

☽☾  Private sisterhood community in Facebook Support Group (these women will be soul connections, for sure!)

☽☾  Handouts

☽☾ Weekly Activities + accountability for soul transformation

Special Bonus: The Moon Cycle eCookbook



Juicy Feminine Living is Now Open for Enrollment

(SOLD OUT only 10 spots available)


In this course you’ll get me for 12 + hours, (in addition to private Facebook community support, a mailed-to-go Love Box with a Yoni Egg, Womb Herbs + Yoni Steam Herbs) )

The price of the program is going up. This is the pilot program and will be the only time offered at this awesome price.

And only 10 spots are available. (PROGRAM FULL- fill out application to join the waiting list for next session)

It is my knowing from teaching smaller versions of Juicy Feminine Living workshops, that you are wanting more, and to fully have the spaciousness and guidance to embody these tools, so that you can feel your full radiance and make your dreams a reality.






Class is Full and in Session


What Women Are Saying:



“Allie’s passion, wisdom and expertise in Juicy Feminine Living shines so bright! Her work has had a profoundly meaningful impact on my life in a short period of time. I felt an awakening of a dormant energy in my body, as well as clarity about my own patterns and deep-rooted wisdom. It was an emotionally cleansing experience for me. Since our work together, I have felt very connected to myself and others.
Allie has helped me incorporate foods, herbs and elixirs to naturally support my body and hormones as I recently got off the birth control pill. I feel super energized and have not had any acne breakouts since (the reason I was on the pill to begin with). Allie is a powerful healer. If you participate in her online course,  I am confident that you will be blessed with much appreciated healing, wisdom and LOVE 
~Kelly Mathews, Marketing


“I loved your class. And was so surprised when I left how awakened my ovaries and womb were!!! SERIOUSLY!”

~Susan Cotter, Intuitive Life Coach


“Allie, thank you so much for such a wonderful Juicy Feminine Living experience! I enjoyed myself sooo much. I am reflecting and just teared up because I was so overwhelmed with happiness in such a good way! I wish I could take you and put you in my pocket! I always feel so refreshed every time I am in your presence. You give off so much joy and make me feel like I do have meaning as a woman.”

~Elizabeth Hall, Business Development Coordinator


The Details:

Each week for 12 weeks, you will receive handouts such as a meal plan, shopping lists, activities + homework, and protocols to work with.

In the mail, you will receive your Love Package: 1 Yoni Egg (your choice of stone), Womb Herbs, & Yoni Steam Bath

Content will be shared by 11 Juicy Goddess Experts

We will meet in an online platform once a week starting Feb. 22th (Replays will be available!)- Date will be chosen based on group members‘ schedules

You will have access to the private Facebook Group and Online Portal to ask questions and post your activations!



Class is Full and in Session


Hi Sister, I am Allie

I help women (like you) balance their hormones naturally through nutrition, and Divine Feminine practices like womb healing and embodied sensuality.


Q: What if I miss one of the LIVE meetings?

We will meet once a week for 12 weeks total, but everything will be recorded and you will receive the replay link on the Temple Portal.

Q: How much time should I plan to commit to this course?

Most weeks, we will meet LIVE for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  In this time, you will receive your lesson, ask questions, share experiences, and learn methods. You will also  have an additional guest expert video for certain weeks to watch in addition to doing your homework. Set aside a little bit of time daily (mornings or evenings are best) to practice your Embodiment Practices.

Q: How long will I have access to the content in this course?

You will have access to the online portal space for 8 months,  yet you can have long-term access to videos and handouts by downloading them to your computer.

Q: What age group is best for this course?

This course is appropriate for many cycles of womanhood. From Moonstraution to Moonpause.


More Questions?

Fill out the application to schedule a complimentary Juicy Clarity Call to Learn if this Program is Right for You!

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