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In her gentle, open way, Allie guides her friends and clients on their journey towards balanced health through her delightfully fun and (of course) highly informational cooking classes!  In particular, Allie’s “Moon Cycle Cooking” provides nutritious recipes to support hormone health for the female monthly cycle.  I have also had the great pleasure of participating in Allie’s guided meditations: peaceful bliss.  Be sure to check out her YouTube Channel. Allie McFee has become a dear friend to me and to all whom cross her path!

Allie helped me to understand my emotional and physical cycles as a women, in ways that I wish had been available to me as girl and young woman. Allie is a wonderful mentor who listened to what my personal goals were, and checked with me at the end to see that I felt satisfied with the new knowledge and experience that she had guided me through. After this course, I feel much more empowered in seeking healthcare and receiving the nourishment and rest that my body and self needs for being a strong and healthy woman. Thank you!

Allie’s 3 week program ‘New Year, New Sexy You’ was full of in depth information on health & wellness as well as important self care strategies. She tuned us in to eating for our hormonal health – how to bring our body, mind & spirit into greater balance through nourishing ourselves. She took every chance she had to reach out to each member as we moved through the materials. Always taking the time to interact with every response.

There were daily opportunities to interact with the Facebook group. I felt very supported in the group. I enjoyed the short workout sequences as well as the spiritual prompts and check-ins during the weekend.The Monday night webinars were always fun and incredibly informative. All of the recipes presented were delicious! They have helped to keep my energy level balanced and strong. I completely changed the way I consume sugar, which has helped me and my family sustain our energy level throughout the day. I have also been more diligent on practicing self care which fills my cup up even more!
Allie is an incredible human. She brings such a bright, warm light into this world which spills over into her work with women. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from her & with her. I never felt overwhelmed by the information – Allie always explained in detail and welcomed questions at any time.
If you are on the fence – know that this is a great opportunity for heightened self awareness and self care. Say ‘yes’ to yourself!

After a while of being on the contraceptive pill, I decided I wanted to stop taking it. I had a diagnosis of endometriosis and the pill was the treatment to “control” this. Yet, I no longer wanted to take a synthetic drug to treat the symptom but rather heal the root cause.
In search of an alternative treatment, I found Allie who kindly agreed to guide me and work with me for three months. From the journey with her, I feel gratitude for everything I learned. Since January 2017, I have been without the use of the pill and I have come to re-discover my body and what its symptoms and signs have to say. I strongly believe in the body’s healing power. With learning how to decrease stress, and learning how to constantly walk the path toward a healthy body, I know how to continue this process even if I stumble sometimes. I believe in myself to resume and I have the empowerment and tools to do so. HUGS! Thanks, Allie!

“Thank you Allie, I wouldn’t been able to take reins with confidence had I not taken this program!

As an avid runner and overall active woman I am constantly striving to fuel myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

With Allie’s program Goddess in Rhythm I have been able to effectively tune into my body and listen to what it needs at certain times of my cycle so I can perform better and eat accordingly to what my body craves during certain times. There are certain phases of your monthly cycle that require you to slow down and others where you can utilize the extra energy your body produces.

I also recently got off birth control pills and was filled with fear surrounding getting pregnant. This program has really helped me learn the natural rhythm of my body and to figure out which days I’m most fertile so I can easily and effectively avoid pregnancy.”

My health and my digestion have dramatically improved. My skin is more radiant and glowing, I have more energy, my hair is stronger, and I am making better food choices… Allie is a very motivating and inspiring person and she helped me learn how to cook and incorporate cooking into my daily life. I found out about Allie a couple years ago and I decided I wanted to better my health by learning how to cook and so I hired Allie to teach me private cooking classes in my home in 2013. She explained everything very well, and she started me on basic recipes and later we started learning more difficult recipes. I was not a good cook at that time but she made cooking easy to understand. She is very knowledgeable and her bright personality made class really fun. We would talk and I would ask questions and learned great information about the female body and hormones, as well as the health benefits of the foods we were making. I learned how to make very good recipes and I really enjoyed it, and later I could cook by myself, and re-create the recipes and make them taste good. Allie is very convincing to start eating healthier and she motivated me. She opened my eyes to new tools in the kitchen I could use to make cooking fun and easy. I learned juicing, raw food preparation, eating for your moon cycle, cooking with spices and herbs, and flavor balancing.

I have been covered with pain for some time and harboring much grief. I stored so much disappointment within my spirit. You would never know it by looking. On the outside it was all smiles and good times.

I felt alone. I have plenty friends, great friends, but I had retreated deep into myself. Just completely lost. Until….

A friend I had recently met invited me to attend the Red Tent New Moon event that Allie hosted….which I was very skeptical of at first. But before I left my house I felt compelled to take a little trinket with me…something that symbolized the sadness and darkness I couldn’t seem to let go of.

I walked in very nervous and not knowing what to expect. I was greeted at the door by Allie, who blessed me and had a smile that made me feel as if I was supposed to be there.

The angel friend who invited me sat beside me and was my guide through the evening. She hugged me and I felt the tears well up inside me, which I suppressed at the time.

There were all kinds of women from different backgrounds and faiths, just assembled to share in love and kindness.

Women shared their stories and you could feel strength passing around its source from woman to woman. It was a safe place to share.

Allie began to speak of Autumn and the seasons. She began to explain the association of Autumn with your body and grief. My heart was overwhelmed by what she was saying. It was as if every word was meant just for me. The one thing she said that I will never forget is, “it’s time to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life”… she was right.

She had us write a letter to whom or whatever it was in our life that we needed to shed. I did, and as I began to write I felt it leaving my body….

I turned to my friend, and handed her the trinket and told her I was letting go what it symbolized… she held my hand and blessed me and I began to feel the grief washing away.

Before I left, I dropped my letter in the fire, as I was so determined not to allow this back into my home.

I walked away feeling so clean, so light and the burden lifted from my soul.

I am extremely excited to begin a new phase in my personal journey… I just want to share and say thank you to all the sisters who made it possible that night at Red Tent.

I attended Allie’s Raw Food and Chakra Activation workshop last week and I was so impressed. I learned so much valuable information about the energy centers in our body and how they are affected by food. The food was fantastic! Allie did a wonderful job of presenting. I look forward to learning more!

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