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Each of our wombs carry codes of feminine creative potential and expression from our lineage and the Divine Feminine essence of creation. This creativity can be utilized not only to make and birth babies, but to also birth ideas into physical form, and assist the body in its healing process.

However, there are emotional blocks that can energetically form in the sacral chakra… due to past trauma, saying YES too often to things that aren’t in highest alignment, or from having had past experiences where that YES was made for us…

This causes repression of natural Shakti energy flow (feminine cyclical creation energy) which prevents the ease of creating what we desire and/or manifesting our healing… and can cause repeating patterns where we may notice similar types of experiences/stories showing up within our realities.

Our sacral chakra (our womb and reproductive organs- the hara for men), is space of connection between our creativity, sexuality and relationships. All relationships impact our womb… not just the relationships we have with others, but our own relationship with ourselves: how we see ourselves… as worthy and capable, etc. (It’s important to note the energetics of the womb remain even if we have had a hysterectomy… this Divine Feminine energy will always remain and be accessible).

In addition, creating healthy boundaries in relationships with healthy communication of our needs in honoring the sacred time we have here on Earth, also impacts the energy of the womb space. We create our realities with our YES’s and NO’s, and often as women of this modern fast-paced society, we find ourselves saying YES too often, which leaves little down-time for emotional processing, and not much space to feed life-force into our dreams to birth them into existence.

We then find ourselves in the same patterns: overcommitting, overdoing, overeating/drinking, and in relationships in work or romance that don’t honor our full capabilities.

Womb Clearing is a method that is used to clear trauma and emotional blocks from the womb, as well as past imprints from previous lovers… energy cords of attachment or lost boundaries after breakups, as well as losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth and abortions. The womb also harbors ancestral codes and wounds as well as the collective consciousness of the Feminine Cosmic Womb of all that the feminine has experienced for millennia- repression, expansion, death, rebirth, and renewal. 

It can be a challenge to even know when to say NO when we have trauma encoded in our past memories.

Womb Clearing helps us connect with our bodies, reclaim our Sacred NO and heal traumas from anytime those YES’s were made without our consent.

Our Sacral Chakra… our womb is our source of Creatrix Empowerment and we can reclaim the sovereignty energy of this space, sealing up leaks and becoming strong, clear, and decisive- the Queen of our Queendom.

In My Intuitive Womb Clearing Sessions, I work with women in a mix of intuitive practices such as Shakti Tantric Breath-work, Timeline Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Goddess Archetypes and Intuitive Visions from communicating with your Guides in the ethereal realm.

Each journey is personal and unique to what blocks of the sacral you are currently working through at the time.

Some Examples of What We Might Incorporate in Our Session:

  • Timeline Healings for Emotional Trauma Clearing of the Past

  • Tantric Breathwork Techniques:

    • Microcosmic Orbit

    • Womb Breaths

    • Chakra Breath

    • Shakti Energy Rising up The Spine 

  • Teachings of Sensual Dakini Tantric Rituals: eye gazing, yoni pujas, quantum leap healing

  • Yoni Egg (Jade Egg) Taoist practice- with additional cost of yoni egg

    • Pelvic Floor Strengthening

  • Intuitive Messages Received from your guides/goddess archetypes that protect your womb space

  • Kundalini Activation with Kundalini Reiki + Breath Work Techniques

  • Ceremony for Release and Honoring of Miscarriage or Abortion

All sessions come with an elixir to sip on for female vitality + reproductive support

In sessions, tools are often used such as singing bowls, crystals, essential oils, toning, and smudging with sage and Palo Santo.

Cacao ceremony in session is available upon request with additional fees.

Session Duration and Cost: 1 hour and 30 minutes is $222 (in person, Zoom, or via phone)

What Led Me to Offer these Sessions? (my personal womb journey)

“My own womb journey hasn’t been easy. When I first heard her speak- pulsating rhythms of intuitive nudgings of confident “knowings” – she asked me to discontinue the use of the birth control contraceptive, in which I had been taking for 5 years. This was while reading the amazing book, The Red Tent  by Anita Diamont. This book is what helped me tune into my womb space and yoni, and it was then I first time I realized my libido had become very dry and my natural creativity had diminished. I desired to sync up with the feminine cycles of the moon phases, and so I took my first step on my journey of listening to the guidance of my womb.

What was to come, was nothing I expected. The power of the womb was something I have only come to understand by living in guidance and surrender to her.

She led me to learn how to create BOUNDARIES, which created massive changes in my relationships in work, hormonal health, a breakup from an engaged relationship, and family lineage healing.

I had overcommitted working an 60-80-hour work week to help open a restaurant as Head Chef, which led to massive adrenal burnout and exacerbation of my underlying hormonal issues from long-term birth control pill use, resulting in irregular 2-week long, heavy periods that exhausted the vitality out of me…

I found the courage deep within my being to resign from this position, while simultaneously found an even deeper strength to activate the voice of my Sacred “NO” in order to leave a 6.5 year engaged relationship where we didn’t have similar long-term goals of wanting children, family, and active exploration of spirituality.

This was just the beginning and the most challenging time of my womb journey, but it created massive clearing for me to step forth on my dharma and path… which I am now living within writing my cookbook, traveling to High Priestess Chef for retreats, leading online courses in Modern Goddess Lifestyle to share these feminine mysteries, and offering my 1:1 Sessions such as Womb Clearing.

My womb invited me to walk the path of the Priestess and Red Feminine, to co-birth Red Tent Indy, and offer traveling Red Tents at music festivals around America, providing a safe, sacred space for all those who identify as women to share their stories and feel empowered within the Divine Feminine.

As I continued to walk this path, the next layer of womb journey was brought to the surface for clearing: my childhood repression around sexuality from my strict religious upbringing, as well as to resolve emotional issues with the relationship of the mother-archetype.

And so I went deep into my inner 16-year old girl, and healed the relationship with my own mother and developed a vulnerable relationship we had never fully built in this lifetime of existence due to the anger my inner teenager held. We used non-violent communication and found ways to honor each other, compassionately as grown women, and move beyond the decade of disagreements of feeling “unSeen.” Simultaneously, I healed my relationship with my own inner mother and how I nurture myself… which deepened my relationship with Pachamama which caused me to be able to hear my higher-self mission for this planet and how I can show up greater to serve the needs of the Whole.

My womb called for clearing of past lovers, and led me to learn womb massage practices, breath work, and to work with both a Jade Egg and Obsidian Wand for further clearing. As energy shifted and cleared… I had some significant emotional releases which to my surprise, in the following couple days, I would have an influx of new clients calling/emailing to work with me. 

I found it fascinating, the blocks of my womb and how clearing and upgrading caused the ability to hold greater space for others, and brought in more abundance. This lead me to study my sense of self-worth and eradicate negative inner self-dialogue, and to eventually define my own version of “success,” what felt right for me- not what society or my upbringing told me was success.

In addition, I also took a 2.5 year vow of celibacy, which helped me develop a very strong “Sacred No,” and I practiced tuning into my womb to uncover what was a YES for me versus a NO. I learned MAYBE always means NO.

My relationship with my womb now is much different than when I first embarked on the path of listening in 2012.

She tells me when it is the appropriate time to birth projects, as well as when to say YES or NO….. how to work with my natural cycles of Death and Rebirth in my menstrual cycle, to walk the path of the Priestess and listen to the archetypes that come forth for guidance.

I hear her clearly, now.

After my own womb clearing and activating journey… I started offering this work for other women. It was first in a vision while sitting in meditation in Bali in the spring of 2016, that I heard from Spirit “Intuitive Womb Healing Sessions.” I had no idea what that meant at the time.. although I had been connecting deeply with my reproductive health by healing my underlying hormonal issues of Estrogen Dominance, low progesterone, high cortisol, and blood sugar issues through nutrition and divine feminine practices.

When I started offering these Intuitive Womb Healing Sessions, it became clear that nutrition and supplements were only addressing the physical- the energetics of emotional suppression and repressed trauma of sexuality were aspects of the Divine Feminine that needed a safe space to be SEEN, to be transmuted, for a new story of health and vitality to be written.

The results I was desiring to see for my clients became quicker as I helped them connect with the power of their wombs. I noticed they became more decisive, empowered and trusting of themselves as their own Medicine Woman, feeling more confident with their emotional expression of Shadows, as well as their health choices- whether it involved medical intervention or dietary and lifestyle choices alone.

I thank the mysteries of my womb for guiding me in my own healing journey- ever unfolding- and for being able to assist others in their womb clearing journey as part of my dharma.”


“Allie lead me through a Womb Clearing 1:1 session that forever changed my capacity to heal and hold space for myself when I need it most.  Regardless of all the sacred healing, the practice of conscious listening, witnessing, and breathing deeply  has spilled out into my family and professional life, as I model the breath and create space for all those I come in contact with.  Your yes is within you. Your answers arise easier in this space.  You come away with practices that feed your soul and the embodiment of the juiciness your soul has been craving. Say yes. You are worth it. Namaste.” 


In honor of all wombs,

Allie McFee

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