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I am here for you, sister. Are you ready for the clarity you need on your journey towards hormonal balance and radiant wellness?

When we work together, we will draw upon the tools needed to support your hormones: nutrition and balancing recipes, sacred self-care, and releasing blocks to living your authentic truth!

Let’s Activate Your Inner Modern Goddess!

My goal is to help you achieve…

Restful Sleep

Abundance of Energy

Regular Menstruation

Clearer Skin

Stable Blood Sugar

Mental Clarity

and most importantly…

Sense of Well-Being & Self-Love

Coaching Sessions

When we work together, I will draw on the following tools and approaches to help you be your most healthy self…

  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Hormone Supporting Diet:
  • Blood Sugar Stabilization
  • Emotional Eating
  • Discovering Food Sensitivities & Using Alternatives
  • Healthy Gut Bacteria & Immune System
  • Emotional Expression & Red Tents
  • Sacred & Sexy Self Care

Red Tent Women’s Circles

Learn how to prepare and cook plant based meals in your own kitchen!

I’m a co-creator of Red Tent Indy, and host bi-monthly Red Tent Sharing Circles and an annual Red Tent Workshop. A sharing circle is a sacred space for women to gather and share how life experiences are impacting them and how they are learning and growing. It is a space to build community and pass down ancient feminine traditions. Each gathering explores a specific theme, typically intertwined with the changing seasons of the earth. The healing magic comes from deeply listening to other women’s stories of personal growth, challenges, and celebrations. We are mirror reflections of each other and can find wisdom through the experiences and emotions our sisters are going through.

Women’s Circles were traditionally a time for women to celebrate major life transitions in female life: menarche, motherhood, and moonpause. In agricultural communities and indigenous cultures, menstrual cycles would synchronize with the moon and women would bleed together. At the dark of the moon, life-force energy was lower, and women would gather together to build inner strength and rest, and tap into their more intuitive senses. The name for these modern day gatherings, called Red Tents, was inspired by Anita Diamant’s novel “The Red Tent,” published in 1997, which stimulated a global movement. Women in our modern day communities are now gathering in sharing circles with vibrant red décor during the new moon to connect, create intentions, and share ancient feminine wisdom.

The first annual Red Tent Workshop and Festival occurred on August 1st-2nd 2015, and included two days of workshop with over ten teachers. Topics were taught and discussed including Sacred Pregnancy, Nutrition for your Menstrual Cycle, Herbalism for Menopause, Sound Healing, Meditation, Sexuality, and Mayan Abdominal Massage.

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