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I am here for you, sister. Are you ready for the clarity you need on your journey towards hormonal balance and radiant wellness?

When we work together, we will draw upon the tools needed to support your hormones: nutrition and balancing recipes, sacred self-care, and releasing blocks to living your authentic truth!

Let’s Activate Your Inner Modern Goddess!

My goal is to help you achieve…

Restful Sleep

Abundance of Energy

Regular Menstruation

Clearer Skin

Stable Blood Sugar

Mental Clarity

and most importantly…

Sense of Well-Being & Self-Love

1:1 Coaching Sessions


For women who desire 1:1 time to go deep and create a strong relationship with their bodies through hormone supporting foods, sacred self-care, sensual practices, and empowering coaching towards helping activate TRUST of the inner goddess/ inner healer that within.

In my approach, I help empower YOU to make the best decisions for your health journey (As I Believe YOU are your greatest Healer/Medicine Woman/Inner Shaman)…. by helping you uncover emotional blocks/trauma that keep you in stuck patterns, support you in a Priestess Meal Plan tailored to your food sensitivity needs and hormones, as well assist you in creating epic Sensual Self-Care plans to create some restorative roots!



Sister, what if you could have….

»»Confidence in your life and meal choices.

»»Pleasure in your body and balance between your life doings and your inner hormonal rhythm.

»»Great digestion, more energy and clearer skin.

»»Feminine Embodiment with rituals, sensual practices by yourself or with your Beloved

»»Pain-free periods, because you know it shouldn’t be so intense!

»»Empowerment- the belief that you CAN do it!

»»Most of all, you want to feel sexy, confident, and adore your body-temple.


Because you’re tired of:

»»Feeling bloated with intestinal discomfort and constantly shaming your stomach.

»»Feeling pain every time your menstruation comes.

»»Yo-yoing back and forth between eating healthy and eating foods you know don’t make you feel well.

»»Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the ups and downs life always brings.

»»Feeling a lack of support for emotional expression and connection to your body and its natural cycles.

»»Feeling confused from conflicting dietary advice from so many sources when you just want to feel empowered by your own intuitive body wisdom.

»»Forgetting YOUR SELF WORTH and believing you will finally be enough once you look a certain way or reach a certain weight.


When we work together, I will draw on the following tools and approaches to help you be your most healthy self…


  • Customized Priestess Meal Plan
  • Hormone Supporting Diet:
    • How to eat for the Four Phases of Your Monthly Cycle
    • Nutrition for reducing PMS, pain, cravings
    • Nutrition for Menopause & Perimenopause
    • Discovering Food Sensitivities & Using Alternatives
    • Healthy Gut Bacteria & Immune System
  • Protocols Developed for You on:
    • Blood Sugar Stabilization
    • Emotional Eating
    • Natural Hormone Balance
    • Womb Clearing/ Trauma Releasing (childhood wounds and past lovers)
  • Timeline Healing (Womb Clearing Sessions)- can be done over phone/Zoom for emotional block release
  • Sacred & Sexy Self Care with rituals and sensual practices
  • Tantric Breath-Work Practices to Raise Kundalini Shakti for Enhanced Vitality




My Approach:

As a coach, I have a system for you, but YOU, my dear, are in the driver seat. You tell me your goals, your dreams and aspirations, and I help guide you along your path to EMPOWER you with the tools you need to make those wishes into transformations.


Each session we check in, go over progress, tweak lifestyle habits, and share new concepts. Most importantly, I listen to you, and hear you. My job is to help you stay connected to your vision- to help you release the blocks that keep you stuck from being your highest self. I will hold your dreams in my heart and believe in you even in those moments where you may have lost sight of your own visions.


The space we create is a safe container where vulnerability and openness is supported. I receive and hold space for your tears, joy, celebrations, anger, confusion- all the facets of the goddess. You are free to be yourself, always, with no expectation of how you need to show up.


And sometimes it’s hard to even make that space. That’s why I work with women who are willing to commit to three months. We reserve the time in your planner as soon as you sign up to create the space to journey into your soul.


Even coaches sometimes need coaches.


And that’s why I enjoy working with other light-workers and leaders along the wellness path… because sometimes you need to take a breath too, from all the energy you give to others. When you go even deeper into your soul’s journey, you are able to hold even greater space for other’s unfoldment.



Are You Ready to Take the Next and Biggest Step?





3 or 6 -Month 1:1 Mentorship around Food, Hormones, & Spiritual Sensuality for Creating Restorative Roots

Three months is my minimum to work with clients, as health is a process, where plans are created and put into action. The process of action is where memory is built and where change happens. The long-term process and commitment is where real transformation occurs. 


Here’s What’s Included:


  • 3 or 6 months of private coaching– Includes 2 one hour sessions per month, via phone or Zoom (Zoom meetings can be recorded) + follow up notes/protocol/homework after each session.
  • Access to Goddess in Rhythm online self-paced program: (included with 6-month program only)- 10 hours of content of how to harmonize and support the menstrual cycle, with nutrition, hormone science + reproductive health, rituals, recipes, herbalism, moon phase connection, goddess archetypes, workout videos, meditations, and cycle tracking fertility awareness education.
  • Post-Pill Care Guidebook- methods, nutrition, and supplements for balancing hormones naturally, after the pill
  • Womb Clearing/Timeline Healing Session- dive deep into past memories of emotional trauma that is creating blocks within the Sacral from (fear, guilt, and shame) to create space for Activation
  • Hormonal Health assessment questionnaire- we will do this assessment together 
  • The Moon Cycle eCookbook- 17 recipes that align with each hormonal phase of the menstrual cycle- recipes are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and mostly plant-based.
  • Recipes specifically tailored to your dietary and hormonal needs!
  • Support between sessions- via email or Marco Polo app (a walkie talkie app that allows you to record videos without taking up a lot of space on your phone so you can ask me questions or show me foods/supplements that you buy that you have questions about).
  • A 30 minute follow up session- after the program ends, you will receive a half-hour session which you can use up to 6 months after we finish. This will come in handy as you continue to grow and reflect on what you learned for further integration!

The Way the Program Works:

We design the program together, based off of your goals + current needs. As a Women’s Health Educator, I understand supporting the feminine both spiritually and physically is complex and is effected by many different experiences included emotional, nutritional, etc.


In my sessions, I offer approaches depended on what you need such as: Nutrition + recipes (meal plan designing), self-care practices, sacred sexuality, meditation, womb clearing, natural hormone balance education, emotional support and working through blocks in the sacral chakra: guilt, shame, worthiness, self-love, ancestral lineage


My #1 role as a Women’s Health Educator and Coach is to support the divine feminine inner wisdom of your own intuition, guiding you to hear that intuition clearly, to help you flow into your own rhythm- rather than follow a rigid protocol. Supporting your inner empowerment is my goal and supporting you to trust yourself is my mission. I am here to serve you!


If you feel called and are ready to work together, please click the button below to fill out the application.



Soon after, I will contact you to set up a 30 minute free call to discuss your application to decide if we are a good fit to work together.
Then, I will email you information with pricing options including payment plans, as well as the scheduling app for you to set up your first session with me! And we will get started! Easy!



Here Is A Sample Outline of Our 3-Month Program for Working Together:


Month 1:

Session 1: Clarity Confidence.

(Building Foundation)

Here’s where I get to know you, so we can tailor this program to your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with blood sugar imbalances, emotional eating, hormonal imbalance, or chronic issues like high cholesterol- let’s talk, create a plan and get clear on your goals for the next three months.

Session 2: Feminine Flow.

Hormone Health Assessment- What are your symptoms trying to communicate to you? Whether you are trying to have regular cycles, reduce P.M.S and menopausal symptoms, improve fertility, and increase your sense of rhythm, energy, and wellbeing, hormones affect every woman. Maybe you have a thyroid disorder, fertility challenges, or long and heavy menstrual bleeding… We will discuss what you need to know for supporting food and lifestyle choices. Let’s get to the root cause of your hormonal symptoms and create lasting lifestyle habits!


Month 2:

Session 3: Food Harmony.

You will be given a 2 Week Meal Plan tailored to your needs, time, and budget. You will be given healthy recipes, tips for planning, eating out, and choosing high vibrational foods. As well as coaching on healthy cooking, answers to your confusing kitchen questions, and creating a system in your kitchen.

Session 4: Body Love and/or Shakti Activation

What is your body telling you? What does it want to eat? We will go deep into emotional eating and how to use Intuitive Eating as a way to break free from emotional eating patterns. Maybe you have never had someone to talk to about this… or someone who didn’t understand. Here is your safe space to work through self-limiting thoughts and emotions so you can understand your patterns and move towards peace, acceptance, and loving choices. Hormone health is deeply connected to your relationship with food.

Or we can go deep into methods and practices for activating your inner Creatrix with Shakti Tantric Breathwork practices that build vitality and increase empowerment.


Month 3:

Session 5: Womb Clearing Session/Trauma Clearing

Do you have a relationship with your Womb & its intuition? What is your Womb telling you? How to trust your gut instincts?  Say YES when you mean YES and NO when you mean NO. We will identify road blocks and triggers- old patterns of thoughts keeping you from reaching your goals, abundance, and body harmony. We will work in the realms within the unconscious mind, the area of our mind that is hidden from our awareness.

Session 6: Woman in Rhythm

We will create a maintenance plan. This session is for putting it all together, attuning a rhythm of all aspects of yourself with juggling meals, working out, work, family, community, and self -care time.


What my clients are saying:


“Allie was more helpful than any doctor/OBGYN I’ve ever been to. She cleared up a lot of concerns I’ve had for years and did a really great job at explaining in a knowledgeable yet easy to understand way. Not only do I understand more about what’s happening in my body and why, I feel like I have the resources to fix these imbalances from the advice Allie gave. She is so knowledgeable, loving, and truly cares about the people she gives to. I wish every woman in the world could talk with her!”

Alana Bruggner, 29


“Allie helped me to understand my emotional and physical cycles as a woman, in ways that I wish had been available to me as girl and young woman. Allie is a wonderful mentor who listened to what my personal goals were, and checked with me at the end to see that I felt satisfied with the new knowledge and experience that she had guided me through. After this course, I feel much more empowered in seeking healthcare and receiving the nourishment and rest that my body and self needs for being a strong and healthy woman. Thank you!”

Jasper Janus, 31


“My health and my digestion have dramatically improved. My skin is more radiant and glowing, I have more energy, my hair is stronger, and I am making better food choices… Allie is a very motivating and inspiring person and she helped me learn how to cook and incorporate cooking into my daily life. I was not a good cook at that time but she made cooking easy to understand. She is very knowledgeable and her bright personality made working with her really fun. I learned great information about the female body and hormones, as well as the health benefits of the foods we were making. Allie is very convincing to start eating healthier and she motivated me. She opened my eyes to new tools in the kitchen I could use to make cooking fun and easy. I learned juicing, raw food preparation, eating for your moon cycle, cooking with spices and herbs, and flavor balancing.”

Luda Davis, 34


“Allie’s passion, wisdom and expertise in Juicy Feminine Living shines so bright! Her work has had a profoundly meaningful impact on my life in a short period of time. I felt an awakening of a dormant energy in my body, as well as clarity about my own patterns and deep-rooted wisdom. It was an emotionally cleansing experience for me. Since our work together, I have felt very connected to myself and others.
Allie has helped me incorporate foods, herbs and elixirs to naturally support my body and hormones as I recently got off the birth control pill. I feel super energized and have not had any acne breakouts since (the reason I was on the pill to begin with). Allie is a powerful healer. If you participate in her online course,  I am confident that you will be blessed with much appreciated healing, wisdom and LOVE 

~Kelly Mathews, 25

Are you needing a single session for support?

Single sessions are for those who need help with one-two specific areas of concern. Single sessions durations are 1.5 hours via Zoom video chat or phone and come with a personal Protocol emailed to you.

Red Tent Women’s Circles

Learn how to prepare and cook plant based meals in your own kitchen!

I’m a co-creator of Red Tent Indy, and host bi-monthly Red Tent Sharing Circles and an annual Red Tent Workshop. A sharing circle is a sacred space for women to gather and share how life experiences are impacting them and how they are learning and growing. It is a space to build community and pass down ancient feminine traditions. Each gathering explores a specific theme, typically intertwined with the changing seasons of the earth. The healing magic comes from deeply listening to other women’s stories of personal growth, challenges, and celebrations. We are mirror reflections of each other and can find wisdom through the experiences and emotions our sisters are going through.

Women’s Circles were traditionally a time for women to celebrate major life transitions in female life: menarche, motherhood, and moonpause. In agricultural communities and indigenous cultures, menstrual cycles would synchronize with the moon and women would bleed together. At the dark of the moon, life-force energy was lower, and women would gather together to build inner strength and rest, and tap into their more intuitive senses. The name for these modern day gatherings, called Red Tents, was inspired by Anita Diamant’s novel “The Red Tent,” published in 1997, which stimulated a global movement. Women in our modern day communities are now gathering in sharing circles with vibrant red décor during the new moon to connect, create intentions, and share ancient feminine wisdom.

The first annual Red Tent Workshop and Festival occurred on August 1st-2nd 2015, and included two days of workshop with over ten teachers. Topics were taught and discussed including Sacred Pregnancy, Nutrition for your Menstrual Cycle, Herbalism for Menopause, Sound Healing, Meditation, Sexuality, and Mayan Abdominal Massage.

Click here to check out the upcoming Red Tents!

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